Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tommy's 65th

Uncle Tommy turned sixty-five years old. Under normal circumstances this might be not much to comment about, but Tommy has Downs-Syndrome, so Sixty-five is a pretty amazing feat. Tombo works 5 days a week, walks in his neighborhood every day for exercise, and is cared for by a very supportive and loving family in a suburb of Buffalo, New York.
I've had the fortune of knowing Tommy for nearly twenty years (he's really my uncle - through marriage). His sense of humor is ever present (Even when I joke with him that he's older than dirt - Tom is ready with a quick come-back). My uncle will always greet you with a big bear-hug, a huge grin and a gentle pat on the cheek.
My son  loves sitting and watching "Professional" wrestling with him - Tommy will tell you who the winner will be before the end of each match. And my daughter share's Uncle Tommy's love of Elvis Presley.
Elvis, by far, is Tommy's passion. He knows all of the songs, and as a young man, got to see Elvis in concert on several occasions. He has a huge collection of memorabilia in his bed room. The room is basically a shrine to the King... which brings me back to Tommy's 65th Birthday bash yesterday... There was food, birthday cake, a huge pile of presents... and did I mention Elvis was in the house?
Well, Buffalo's "Patrick-Elvis" anyway...
My uncle was on cloud-nine. Tommy knew all of the lyrics, and grooved to all of the classic sounds. And when Elvis called him up to share the microphone, Uncle Tommy didn't miss a beat.


  1. Oh Jon- This post brought such happy tears to my eyes. Tears because your Uncle Tommy has made such an impression on you & your kids. Tears that he's 65 and seems to be doing well. Tears that he has such an exuberant personality and that an Elvis impersonator completely "made" his birthday celebration. Thanks for sharing!! oxoxox

  2. So glad you enjoyed the post, Jen. You, your family are often in my thoughts (I have a 40 year history of hanging out with Curriers, so you all will always be special to me). I wanted to make sure you read the short piece because Tommy has left such a positive impression on so many people... and he's obviously still going strong at 65.